Featured Events

We have worked with various clients, corporate and non-profit, large and small, to create and organize events that meet their specific needs.  Whether it's a social "mixer", a fundraising gala, a sports event, corporate meeting, or international conference, we have the skills and experience to tailor it to the client's specific needs.  Here are a selection of successful events recently completed.

VAWP mixer 1.jpg

Graduated mixer

This client, a group of wedding professionals, had a unique need to sample multiple venues, caterers, and entertainment options for their clients.  We created the "graduated mixer" to fulfill this need.  Attendees are transported to a half dozen properties and have the opportunity to experience and sample several caterers' menus and entertainment options at each.  Informative and fun!

VAWP conference 2.JPG

Educational conference

This annual event combines educational seminars with networking events around a statewide industry with professionals who largely work alone.  The conference provides the much needed opportunity for members of the trade professional organization to network and learn from one another.


charity sports event

This client had established a century ride as their primary fundraising and awareness raising event of the year.  After 3 years of volunteer management they hired the team at One Source Event Management to continue the tradition.  During our tenure it grew to be the largest charitable cycling event in the state of Vermont, with nearly 1,000 people involved and over $400,000 raised annually.



This event capitalizes on the non-profit's unique venue on the lake beneath the best 4th of July fireworks show in the state.  A social evening which serves as a fundraiser and opportunity for exposure for the nonprofit, it's become a must attend event for many community members!


international conference

This 3 day annual conference brings together nearly 200 individuals from organizations across the US, Canada, and internationally.  The combination education and business meeting is a critical opportunity for these experts in their field to come together and share ideas and learn from one another each year. 




For this charitable non-profit organization, it was important to get their story out to potential sponsors and contributors while also attracting a different group of donors than had previously supported the organization.  We accomplished both goals by creating an informative cocktail reception in a new city which has since been expanded to four cities across the country, thus expanding the reach of the organization's mission and funders.